Positioning Strategically: A Bloxspring Guide

September 6, 2023

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Positioning Strategically: A Bloxspring Guide

In an ocean of similar tech products, differentiation is key. How can you leverage strategic positioning for success?

We help clients attain clarity over their communication objectives and style: encouraging them to think about what their company represents, what it is trying to achieve and streamlining a set of key messages and descriptors.

Step 1: Defining the company overview

What is the story so far?

  • What are your key milestones?
  • What is your current product offer?
  • Who is your current client base?

Step 2: Defining the company vision

  • What is the overarching company vision?
  • What are the annual goals/KPIs?
  • What, specifically, are your key marketing goals?

Step 3: What is the positioning?

“Positioning defines how your product / company is a leader at delivering something that a well-defined set of customers cares a lot about. It's a context setting; the opening scene of a movie.”


Step 4: What is our process for positioning a company for success?

1. Competitive Alternatives

If your product didn’t exist, what would customers use?

2. Unique Attributes

What features and capabilities do you have that others don’t?

3. Enabled Proof

What value do these features provide customers? What proof do you have?

4. ICP

Who are the sub-markets and companies that care a lot about this value?

What do they have in common?

5. Buyer Personas

Who are the individual buyers that care most about this value and why?

Step 5: Bag more leads

  • Attraction: Non-engaged prospects
  • Acceleration: Engaged prospects, stalling in pipeline
  • Expansion: Engaged prospects, with potential for further upsell

What’s next?

We would really recommend diving into the below content to learn more!

👀 Watch:

📚 Read:

'Obviously Awesome: How to Nail Product Positioning so Customers Get It, Buy It, Love It' by April Dunford

This content, alongside Bloxspring’s industry-specific knowledge, allows us to leverage what we know about positioning and buildings, cities and the planet to position your company for increased press coverage, and ultimately, greater brand awareness and more leads... Let’s talk about how we can help you through your positioning.

➕ Bonus Step: Bloxspring creates a Partnership Document

This is our blueprint for everything we will do together.

We create an easy to read, concise document that covers our tailored - SEO analysis, key messaging, content calendar, target prospects, event recommendations and partnership recommendations. Let’s go!