Bloxspring’s Co-Founders, Adam Malik and PJ Appleton, met and worked together for two years at a global proptech firm, securing major deals and establishing the company’s reputation as one of the leading brands in proptech.

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With more and more providers asking their advice about brand building and business development, there was clearly an opportunity to support other proptech providers on a full-time basis. In March 2020, Bloxspring was born, offering a unique combination of sales, public relations and marketing expertise for ambitious companies serving the built environment.
Our agile, dynamic team has since helped clients from pre-seed to series A, and from the far east to the east coast, grow their businesses, build their reputations and stand out from the crowd.
Adam Malik


Eleanor Higgins

PR Executive

George Pohl

Partnerships Executive & Automations Lead

Georgia Waldron

Head of Media Strategy

Hannah Gower-Quiroga

PR Executive

PJ Appleton


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