Our built world can only be transformed with new ideas, technology and thinking.

Real talk: the market for built world technology is really crowded. That makes your chances of winning even harder. Lucky for you, that's where we come in.

Real talk: the proptech market is really crowded. Making your chances of winning even harder.

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Saying you’re the category leader or best at what you do won’t work. Why?

You need to tell the world why you’re a headache-busting aspirin, not a nice-to-have vitamin.

The what

We only do a few things. But we do them exceptionally well.

We only do a few things.
But we do them exceptionally well.


What do you do and where do you want to go? We’ll help you build the messages, narrative and strategy that get you noticed.


We monitor the businesses interested in your offer, as well as the success of marketing efforts, through our analytics platform.


We elevate brand awareness by creating engaging multi-channel content that gets you in front of the audiences you want to reach.


We help you target focused groups of high value prospects by creating personalised outbound content built specifically for them.

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We’re obsessed with data.

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Get clear on what your business is trying to achieve and who you want to reach

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Set KPIs that match your company objectives and hold us to account

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Build strategic communications that makes your target audience stand up and take note

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Get the word out there, by using the best channels for the job, boost brand awareness

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Monitor 200+ marketing data points to see what's moving the sales needle and what's not

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Keep striving for more, using data insights and marketing technology to improve our services

Finally, an agency that actually gets you.

Bloxspring was founded to give you, the innovators, a voice in the global conversation about our built world.

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Our expertise.

Innovative tech companies seek our expertise in growth marketing communications to generate leads. Our team delivers effective media relations, communications, and digital marketing solutions that capture the attention of your target audiences and help you stand out in a crowded industry.