The FAQs.

What does communications cost?
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At this point, it’s impossible to say. Before any formal engagement, we’ll discuss your goals and then propose set monthly deliverables to help you achieve them. Costs are agreed in advance and are based on these deliverables. Because our team is fully focused on helping you achieve your business objectives, there's always a clear ROI to our work.

How does communications generate leads?
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Communications is vital in raising brand awareness, influencing potential customers and generating top-of-the-funnel interest. At Bloxspring, we focus on helping you clearly and powerfully articulate why buyers need your solution, in order to generate inbound demand for your sales team.

Why is brand awareness necessary?
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People like to think they make decisions rationally when choosing a product like a new B2B software. Wrong! Your choices are heavily emotional and deeply connected to the non-conscious part of your brain. Big successful brands know this. Getting your brand name, story, and problem you're solving out there builds up credibility and connection on an emotional level which helps drive those all-important leads you are after.

How does Bloxspring demonstrate ROI?
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In our initial kickoff we'll discuss your goals and then set clear, measurable KPI’s. We then input various data sources (your Google Analytics, CRM and LinkedIn etc.) into our analytics platform, which measures our performance against the set KPIs, as well as additional insights into your audience's actions and behaviours.

What does a theoretical partnership look like?
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  • After agreeing a programme of work with you, we start with a kick-off workshop. Here, we define KPIs, build key marketing messages, establish your tone of voice and build thought leadership and content themes. The outputs of this workshop are then packaged into a comprehensive strategy document that ensures all subsequent activity is strategic, consistent and aligned.
  • Month-to-month deliverables vary from client to client. A ‘typical’ programme of work may include Bloxspring securing press coverage, running social media campaigns, or shooting a talking heads film each month.
  • Alongside monthly calls, our clients have a dedicated Slack channel, through which they can talk with us or ask questions at any time.
  • On a quarterly basis, we build reports summarising our activity and detailing how we have performed versus KPIs.

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