How to Prep for Podcasts & Online Interviews: A Guide for Founders

September 27, 2023

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How to Prep for Podcasts & Online Interviews:  A Guide for Founders

Podcasts and online interviews offer an effective avenue to solidify your company's position as a trusted expert in your field. 

These long-form content opportunities build trust by providing listeners with insights from those who truly understand the matter at hand. This means getting it right is vital…. So here is how to do it?

Understand the Context

The last thing you want to do is head into an interview blind. Understanding the context is vital. Is it related to a new partnership, a fundraising round, or a trending topic? Context awareness will help you to tailor your messaging effectively.

Research, Research, Research


Recognise whether it’s print, broadcast, digital, or a podcast. Gauge its reach— this could be print circulation, website viewership, or downloads.


Determine the type of audience and the impact they could have on your brand.

The Journalist:

Know their name, role, and speciality. Have you or another team member spoken with them before? Understanding their nuances will help you anticipate the direction of the conversation.

Know the Aim

Is the interview one-on-one? Will it be filmed or audio-recorded? What is the journalist planning to use it for? These are crucial considerations for shaping your content and approach.

Confidentiality is Key

An interview is never the time to spill the beans, even if it does revolve around an upcoming announcement.Always keep confidential news, confidential.

Prepare for Questions

It is often relatively easy to anticipate the kinds of questions that may come up. Use this foresight to prepare your answers.  In addition to this, consider the themes relevant to the timing of the interview as the interviewer will likely want your opinion on current trends and the future.

Extra Prep and Training

Interview skills can always be honed, even the most seasoned speaker can improve. We offer specialised interview training to help you discover the right tone and approach for each opportunity.  Our insider knowledge is to help you figure this out well before you hit the airwaves. 

So, before stepping into the spotlight of a podcast or online interview, arm yourself with research, context, and a clear aim to turn the conversation into a strategic asset for your brand. 

This preparation will not only ease your nerves but also facilitate a meaningful discussion that resonates with your audience.