How to pitch AI solutions

April 5, 2024

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Real Estate
How to pitch AI solutions

Stop pitching “powered by AI” - you’ll get lost in the buzz. 

You won’t land coverage or new clients by simply spattering ‘AI’ throughout your pitch. This approach may have worked a year ago (or more), but today it lacks the nuance in the different ways in which AI is applied across particular industries. It also shows a surface-level understanding of AI-enabled tech.

Here’s how to structure your messaging, land coverage and win clients for your AI solution.

How to successfully pitch AI solutions

Firstly, stop plastering “powered by AI” on marketing materials, this underestimates your consumer. Users are quickly understanding the use cases for AI, and finding out AI is used as one minor feature in your product leads to disappointment.

To do this, be transparent about which parts of your processes or product use AI. AI is an umbrella term that describes a vast array of technologies. Getting down to the nitty gritty of how exactly you’re using Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Large Language Models, or other AI subsets, only serves to better explain to end users the value that your product or service adds. 

By taking this approach, you elevate the discourse surrounding AI and ensure that your solutions show direct impact on your target audience.

Moving beyond the catch-all term ‘AI’, and by using more precise terminology you can articulate its tangible benefits. Delve deep into the specifics of how a particular tech company utilises AI.

For example within the commercial real estate (CRE) industry, it’s useful to explain how it::

• Optimises property management processes

• Enhances tenant experiences

• Speeds up leasing processes

• Simplifies tenant communications

• Make real estate data collection more efficient 

• Improve sustainability efforts across portfolios

Getting really good at concisely explaining how AI-driven innovations will revolutionise specific aspects of CRE operations will will help you articulate your technologies' value add. It also elevates AI from a vague buzzword, to a key change maker within CRE.

In summary:

Always give examples of AI's transformative potential, and use precise AI terminology.