CREtech London 2023: 8 Key Takeaways

May 16, 2023

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CREtech London 2023: 8 Key Takeaways

Shaping the Future of Sustainable Real Estate:

The Bloxspring team finished up the rounds of CREtech 2023 last week in London. It brought together industry leaders, technology experts, and real estate professionals to explore the intersection of technology, sustainability, and the built environment. 

As businesses increasingly prioritise environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, the event delved into key questions surrounding sustainable building practices, retrofitting, technological advancements, and the role of proptech in addressing these challenges.

The Bloxspring team walk towards CREtech 2023's venue, with Canary Wharf in the background

1. The Rise of Retrofitting and its Underrated Value:

In discussions around sustainable buildings, one crucial aspect that was discussed was the importance of retrofitting. While attention is often focused on new construction, retrofitting existing structures plays a vital role in achieving sustainability goals. The event highlighted the need to recognise and value retrofitting as a critical solution for transforming the built environment and making it more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and helping spaces gain maximum commercial advantage.

2. Leveraging Technology to Encourage Office Return:

Encouraging individuals to return to the office after the pandemic poses unique challenges. However, technology emerges as a powerful tool to facilitate this transition. From smart access control systems ensuring safety and security, to innovative solutions enhancing air quality within office spaces, technological advancements were emphasised as the key to instilling confidence and promoting a safe and welcoming office environment.

3. Prioritising Air Quality for Improved Office Environments:

Air quality emerged as a pressing concern and a significant factor impacting occupant well-being and productivity. The event shed light on the importance of optimising indoor air quality through advanced ventilation systems, air purifiers, and other innovative solutions. By prioritising clean and healthy office environments, businesses can create spaces that foster employee well-being and satisfaction.

4. Enhancing Safety through Access Control:

Safety remains paramount, and access control systems were highlighted as a crucial component of creating secure and happy work environments. By implementing advanced access control technologies, real estate and property sector professionals can ensure the safety of occupants while also providing peace of mind. Secure access control contributes to overall satisfaction and plays a vital role in attracting individuals back to physical office spaces.

Woman works in a digitally secured workspace

5. Insights from the Infabode x Coyote Event:

The event also featured an engaging evening session hosted by Infabode and Coyote. With leaders attending from across the industry, the event provided strong networking opportunities and created valuable moments for attendees to connect and share experiences.

6. Decarbonisation: Beyond Compliance to Climate Goals:

The urgency to decarbonise real estate was a prevalent theme throughout the event. The industry recognises that it is not only essential for compliance with mandates but also for contributing to broader climate objectives. The real estate sector's substantial carbon footprint underscores the importance of adopting sustainable practices and leveraging technology to reduce emissions.

7. Consolidation in the Fragmented Proptech Landscape:

The proptech industry, characterised by its fragmentation, is expected to undergo consolidation in the coming years. As the sector matures, the event highlighted the need for better communication and collaboration between technology companies and real estate professionals. Simplifying products and ensuring the customer has clarity in how to best optimise the tool, emerged as essential factors for the successful adoption and integration of proptech solutions.

8. Proptech Approaching ESG Holistically:

Proptech's approach to ESG extends beyond decarbonisation. Lee Odess made a notable point about the essential role of building security in the "Social" aspect of ESG. Recognising the holistic nature of ESG, the event emphasised the need to address various aspects, including sustainability, occupant well-being, and safety.


The CREtech event in London showcased the evolving landscape of sustainable real estate and the integral role of technology providers in driving positive change in the built environment. With a focus on retrofitting, leveraging technology for office return, prioritising air quality and safety, and a broader ESG perspective, the event provided valuable insights and sparked meaningful discussions among industry leaders.

The event highlighted the growing importance of sustainable practices, the role of technology in shaping the future of real estate, and the need for collaboration between proptech companies and real estate professionals.

A city with green spaces - the future of sustainable city planning

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