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Kaku analytics platform for proptech digital data insights location

Target the right prospects

Identify the real estate companies checking out your website.

Lumis reveals the businesses interested in your product to streamline your marketing and sales efforts in targeting prospects that are more likely to convert.


Monitor GTM efforts.

Make market expansion simple

Explore which countries, regions and cities are interacting with your brand.

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Kaku analytics monitor track GTM strategies market expansion proptech
kaku analytics track campaigns success

Track Campaigns.

Determine campaign success

Uncover what companies are reacting to your marketing, PR and advertising campaigns, so you can generate a stronger pipeline and convert deals.

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Anomaly Detection.

Get notified about data spikes

Anomalies in your data reveal valuable insights. Make sure you don't miss out on key intel by relying on your team to manually spot it.

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Kaku Analytics Anomaly Detection for Proptechs
Kaku Analyitcs Proptech Automatic Reports

Automatic Reports.

Save time gathering data

Ace marketing meetings with key data insights about weekly, monthly, and quarterly performance.

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The tools to grow your tech business.

Get proptech specific marketing advice

Get industry specific marketing advice

Easily setup Kaku analytics for proptech

Easily setup without anyone technical

Win more real estate customers

Win more real estate customers

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