The Power of Account Based Marketing (ABM)

June 27, 2023

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The Power of Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) innovation has been making waves in the B2B marketing landscape for its tactical and strategic advantages.

In contrast to the traditional marketing method, akin to casting a wide net in hopes of catching the right fish, ABM is the art of spearfishing.

It's targeted, precise, and remarkably effective, allowing companies to zero in on their most desired customers.

What is ABM and Why Should You Care?

In essence, ABM is a marketing-sales approach that targets a specific list of high-value customers from your target audience. Unlike other marketing strategies that can drain your budget through unfocused campaigns, ABM allows you to concentrate your resources on the most promising prospects and generate leads and growth in brand awareness.

It is a powerfully efficient and cost-effective strategy, using personalised content to build strong relationships and keep your brand at the forefront of customers' minds when they're ready to make a purchase.

The ABM Campaign: A Guided Approach

An ABM campaign focuses on engaging your businesses specific target accounts, using the SPEAR framework strategy.

It involves identifying the ideal customer accounts (Spotlight), expanding reach within these accounts (Populate), attracting prospects with personalised content (Engage), nurturing accounts to become product ambassadors (Advocate), and motivating internal teams with successful campaign results (Rally).

This SPEAR framework provides a systematic guide to running a successful ABM campaign for you.

ABM Varieties and Success Stories

There are three types of ABM: one-to-one, one-to-few, and one-to-many. These strategies have been successfully employed by companies to meet varying objectives.

For example, media company GumGum used a one-to-one ABM strategy to grab the attention of executives at McDonald's by sending 100 personalised burger kits. This creative campaign helped them deliver a meeting with the decision-makers.

Unity, a renowned gaming development platform, utilised a one-to-few approach to break into the architecture sector. Through a multi-touch ABM campaign, Unity successfully demonstrated its advanced 3D software to a new industry sector.

Finally, Bloxspring leveraged a one-to-one ABM approach to deliver record levels of LinkedIn engagements and direct leads from key accounts.

ABM Benefits and Bloxspring's Expertise

Implementing ABM not only proves cost-effective but also aligns sales and marketing efforts, making it easier to measure ROI. In fact, 56% of marketers agree that personalised content is key to ABM success, according to Forrester. ABM is one of the most effective techniques to boost brand awareness in key audiences.

Bloxspring aids clients in building and creative campaign ideas, researching target accounts & contacts, coordinating campaigns, developing engaging content and crafting a strong message. We also maximise campaign distribution through strategic channel selection.

The Integral Role of ABM Tech Stack and Buyer Intent

The ABM tech stack is essential in understanding your target audience's digital behaviour. It consists of four key parts: CRM, data analysis, marketing automation, and buyer intent intelligence. Buyer intent data, often overlooked, is crucial as it indicates who's likely to buy, allowing B2B firms to focus their efforts.

Bloxspring partners with Albacross, a marketing technology tool specialised in capturing buyer intent, integrating it with your CRM, Slack/Teams, and marketing tools to simplify ABM campaigns. This enables companies to proactively target potential clients showing interest in their products.

How to Kickstart Your ABM Journey with Bloxspring

Getting started with ABM through Bloxspring is a seamless process, with these three steps:

1. Align Sales & Marketing.

2. Set up the core ABM tech stack.

3. Select a low risk campaign to get started.

Don't lose out on prospects showing interest in your product - Draw them in with ABM