Launching Bloxspring

March 30, 2020

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Launching Bloxspring

This week, we are hugely excited to be launching Bloxspring (, a specialist proptech scale-up engine helping providers to boost sales and grow their profiles.

Bloxspring was essentially born out of necessity. Whilst working together at Equiem, we (Co-Founders Adam Malik and PJ Appleton) found that proptech firms would regularly ask our advice on how to boost sales, build a brand, or expand into new markets.

​It was clear that there was a need for a proven, fit-for-purpose resource to provide the answers. Bloxspring is that resource, a unique blend of our expertise and experience advising property, technology and proptech firms like Schroders, PlaceTech, Nuveen and Equiem.

We are offering proven business development and communications expertise, strategies and tools, to help providers accelerate growth, expand into new markets, build-out sales teams and secure new investment. Bloxspring will offer support across all property asset classes and stages, with an initial focus on providers operating in the U.K., Europe, the USA and the Far East.

It’s also really important to us at this time of great upheaval and concern, to provide extra support and so we will also be offering pro bono crisis communications and planning advice to any proptech firm for whom that could be beneficial.

Co-Founder, Adam Malik comments: “No matter how great the product, proptech providers always face significant obstacles when scaling their business. A lack of network, profile, sales experience and suitable strategy can all inhibit growth, whilst overcoming these obstacles is always expensive and risky.

“Our experience at Equiem and advising other scale-ups, led us to see the need for Bloxspring — a fit-for-purpose and proven resource that empowers providers to accelerate their growth quickly, sustainably and successfully.”

Fellow Co-Founder, PJ Appleton adds: “With over 7,000 proptech providers competing for sales and market share, it’s imperative that providers know how to effectively communicate their proposition and expand their reach, if they are going to stand out from the pack.

“The reality is that business development and communications are often skills gaps for proptech firms who have understandably been focused on getting their product fit for market. Our unique expertise across both streams, means that founders can trust us to help them take their business to the next level and become a true proptech success story.”