How to turn your sales team into LinkedIn influencers in 4 steps

April 24, 2024

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How to turn your sales team into LinkedIn influencers in 4 steps

4 steps to turn your sales team into B2B Influencers on LinkedIn this month.

1. Begin writing x2 weekly posts

Focus on text + image and text posts for the best reach - they also take less time to be produced than for example document posts or videos. 

Good starting points for posts:

  • Reading/Learning. Anyone in a mildly senior position will be reading things daily - so share this. Simply summarise the findings in a post, then throw the link in the comments to avoid reach penalties.
  • Photos of people. Photos of you, or your team get excellent engagement and are an opportunity to show your personality.
  • The latest viral meme. But loop it into important industry themes and discussions.

2. Comment on posts

Start by following/connecting with your target LinkedIn pages and buyers. Then once a day schedule 10 minutes to find a few posts where you can add information or ask a question.

Share additional info. Don't have anything extra to add? Simply share a link to a similar article or bring in another data source.

Ask questions. Insightful questions can show how well you know the industry.

Write longer comments. Use +15 words to show depth & substance in comments are valued as LinkedIn's algorithm favours robust discussion in the comments. 

"Consistently posting 10 quality comments daily for a month can lead to a significant increase in profile views (40%), engagement on one's content (25%), and follower/connection growth (20%)." - Just Connecting’s LinkedIn Algorithm Report 2024.

Reciprocal engagements: likes, comments, and shares, signal a strong connection and shared interest to the LinkedIn algorithm. 

3. Begin posting a newsletter

To begin with, this will be time-consuming, and it’s the biggest stumbling block for sales teams - but - it’s well worth the time investment.

Post the newsletter x2 per month, monthly or bimonthly publications are the best (weekly posts are less effective).

Write 800-1,200 words and include 1-2 links to rich media like videos.

Begin by writing 3 newsletter articles, and schedule their posting over the next few months, to always stay a few steps ahead.

Time poor? Use chat GPT to help summarise articles and research trends - but always make sure you bring your own voice to the final copy.

4. Consistency

Steps 1-3 are worth nothing if you can't make this consistent. 

Plan content 2-3 weeks in advance. Book small chunks of time in with yourself to add comments, and write a newsletter in the quieter parts of the week.

Make setting this up a priority, until it's a habit.


Loop your LinkedIn into your email and sales cycle for maximum effectiveness. We use a tool called Apollo to partially automate many of the steps mentioned above, read more about that here.


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