Don’t believe PR produces results?

July 16, 2023

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Don’t believe PR produces results?

In May, we helped Measurabl announce its $93 million series D fundraise.

Within just 2 weeks, the story had generated 70+ direct leads, as well as all-time high website numbers and press coverage from Tokyo to Times Square.

With responsibility for pushing the story across North America, EMEA and APAC, this wasn’t your run of the mill press announcement. But then again, Bloxspring isn’t your run of the mill agency. Hitting send on an email and sitting back isn’t our thing.

We do things a little differently (better)

Far from exhaustive, here are three things that led to real success with this particular announcement:

1/ Nail the pitch.

Most agencies copy a press release into an email and hope for the best. But fundraising stories are tricky beasts. Journalists don’t actually care about the $ raised. They care about what it all means. For us that meant explaining the importance of investment into an ESG solution transforming the world’s most polluting asset. This was, quite literally, an investment in the future of the planet. Our pitch had to make that clear and compelling.

2/ Work the phones.

With a month to go we started carefully monitoring the best-fit journalists for the story - creating a tailored approach for each. We lined up briefing calls, background chats, and then, quite simply, we hustled - not stopping and never satisfied until the story had got what it deserved: The Wall Street Journal, Nikkei and Business Insider, to name just a few press titles.

3/ Track the results.

Most PR agencies send fancy coverage packs, with random readership guesstimates. We have our own analytics platform. That meant we knew which companies had read the story, where they were based, and whether they’d clicked to find out more. We then handed that information over to Measurabl’s sales team to follow up.

Here’s the best part:

you don’t need a $93 million raise to produce these kinds of results. You just need the right partner. If you want to chat, get in touch.