3 Comms Mistakes To Avoid In 2022

January 12, 2022

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3 Comms Mistakes To Avoid In 2022

For technology providers serving the built environment, the new year is packed full of promise. Yes, remote/hybrid work will continue to throw up some challenges for workplace technologies, but on the whole, demand for innovative solutions across the real estate spectrum has never been greater.

Fuelled by environmental concerns, increased need for data and intelligence, the consumerisation of property and a burgeoning recognition of the value of particular technologies, ‘proptech’ implementation is picking up pace.

But despite the opportunities available, some firms will find themselves inadvertently held back by easy-to-make mistakes, particularly when it comes to communications. So as a New Year’s gift to you, here are three communications mistakes to avoid for those that wish to capitalise on growing customer demand in 2022.

Product-led proposition

APIs, stacks, functionality, integrations, SaaS, automation. These kinds of ‘tech words’ and many more besides have an important part to play in any provider’s proposition. It is of course imperative that buyers know your technology works and to a certain extent understand how it works.

However, far too many tech providers begin their pitch by talking about the technology, forgetting that their buyers care about outcomes. Contextualise your solution, by highlighting the problems that it solves and the outcomes it achieves - the things buyers truly resonate with and care about. Be a headache-busting aspirin, not a nice-to-have vitamin.

Inconsistent messaging

Companies often spend days, weeks, months even, diligently crafting their elevator pitch, tagline and value proposition statements, only for the neatly packaged document to sit in a corner of the office collecting dust thereafter. Repetition (within reason!) is the key to people understanding who you are, what you stand for and what you offer. If your CEO says one thing, your announcements say another, your Head of Sales yet another and your website something different still, how are buyers supposed to understand your proposition?

Once you’re happy with your messaging, commit to consistency of use across your business, until you see fit to formally review it. If you are consistent - across your team, channels and content - then you can expect consistent interest from buyers.

Vague results

“We are the market-leading provider for x, y and z.” Prove it. Show your buyers how you’ve worked that one out. Too many tech companies define their results in vague, ultimately meaningless terms that buyers usually see straight through.

If you save your customers time, then tell them how much time. If you help your customers grow their revenues, offer a guide as to by how much. If you reduce carbon emissions, tell them to what extent. In short, get hold of numbers where you can and avoid vanity metrics - no matter how tempting. Even one statistic, one real proof point, can make a huge difference to your pitch with customers.

So there we are - three communications mistakes to avoid in 2022. If you want to talk about how you can create an effective communications strategy for the year ahead, then get in touch with us - we’d love to chat!